Behold, the PumpkinBot

Together with my daughter Ella I’ve been working on a special project for Halloween, which we call PumpkinBot. We have just installed it on the front porch to amuse (or terrify) visiting children as they come trick-or-treating. This is what it looked like when we finished it this afternoon (above). There’s a box of electronics and, of course, a pumpkin, for which Ella chose an “Eye of Horus” design. (She actually wanted a giant Lord Vaati from Zelda eye, but we couldn’t find a suitable version of it online, and decided this was just as good.) Here’s what’s inside the box:

The whole thing is powered by an Arduino Uno board, which is essentially a tiny computer. We fitted it with an MP3 playback shield so it can play audio, and plugged that into a Jambox speaker/amplifier so it’s nice and loud. We loaded a selection of spooky sound files (including some from “Portal”) onto a micro-SD card that slots into the shield. Playback of sound files is triggered by the motion sensor at the front of the box. At the same time, we switch on two high-power LEDs, which are on long wires so we can put them inside the pumpkin. Ella’s friend Georgia brought her pumpkin round, with a Mockingjay design from “The Hunger Games”, so we ended up putting an LED into each pumpkin. When someone comes up the path, they hear a spooky sound, and the pumpkins light up like this. Behold, the PumpkinBot!

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