Behold, the OracleBot

Having built PumpkinBot last year, Ella and I have just completed another Arduino-powered creation for her Latin homework. She wrote a long essay on the Oracle of Delphi, and to accompany it we decided to build our own version, called OracleBot. You shout your question into a microphone at the top, and it then replies using one of nine canned replies that are, supposedly, actual replies given by the oracle. And they really are canned replies: the whole thing is mounted in a Pringles tin. Here’s what’s going on inside:

Essentially it’s a very similar set-up to PumpkinBot, only with a sound sensor instead of a motion sensor, and a little amplifier board so we don’t need to rely on the Jambox for sound playback. That means we can fit the whole thing into the Pringles tin, powered by a USB battery. Ella recorded the sayings of the oracle herself, and we messed her voice around a bit using various apps. The software measures the ambient noise level when OracleBot powers up, and then looks for a deviation from that noise level that lasts more than a couple of seconds before playing back one of its replies (“Pray to the winds”, “With silver spears you may conquer the world”, etc). Because the oracle’s answers were always ambiguous, you can read a lot into its responses, and even have silly conversations with it. We’ve had a lot of fun building it over the past few weeks, and we hope her teachers like it!

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