My TEDx talk on “lessons from ancient social media”


The video of my TEDxOxbridge talk on “lessons from ancient social media”, based on my forthcoming book “Writing on the Wall” is finally available! I’m quite pleased with it, even if they did cut out my bad joke at the beginning (“Good morning everyone — It’s great to be here in the historic city of, er, Oxbridge.”) Anyway, the talk gives a good flavour of the book, with three examples of ancient social media environments (Romans, Luther, coffeehouses) and three lessons from history that we can apply today. The book, of course, contains lots more examples and concludes with many more lessons.

I would really like to do a longer, geekier version of this talk at SXSWi next March, under the title “Tweet like a Roman: Social media’s long history”. If that’s something you’d like to see, please vote for my proposal on the SXSWi site. Fingers crossed! Finally, the “Share it like Cicero” winners have been picked and notified, and the galleys are going in the post this week.


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