“Share it like Cicero” expands

Cicero map 2As you can see, my “Share it like Cicero” tube map has expanded, with the addition of @robinsloan (who inspired me to cook up the scheme in the first place) and @magicandrew in the US; here’s a pic of the hand-over. Also, two copies of “Writing on the Wall” appeared in Canada, in the hands of @vivi0202 and @kirstinestewart. So far the most widely travelled copy is that of @kattekrab, who took it from Australia back to England and passed it to @pdjohnson. All this has required the creation of several new Tube lines. (If this makes no sense to you at all, here’s my explanation of the whole scheme.)

In other ancient social-media news, a cardinal at the Vatican claimed this week that Jesus Christ was the first person to use Twitter. “Writing on the Wall” explains that Cicero got there first, five decades earlier, however, and that the most effective user of social media in the early church was St Paul. Also this week Lloyd’s List announced that, 279 years after starting life as a wall post in a London coffeehouse, it would switch to all-digital distribution at the end of this year, thus moving from an ancient social-media platform to a modern one. Finally, a review of “Writing on the Wall” has appeared at Critical Margins.

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