“Writing on the Wall” is out now!

“Writing on the Wall: Social Media — The First 2,000 Years” was published on October 10th in Britain and Commonwealth countries, and on October 15th in the United States. (To buy the book, click the links on the right.) I’m on the road promoting it for two weeks, starting in Seattle and ending up in New York. I talked about the book at Town Hall Seattle and at Powell’s in Portland, and next week I’m speaking at Harvard (see above) at 7pm on October 21st and at Barnes & Noble Tribeca at 6pm on October 23rd. But mostly I’ve been doing radio interviews (and some TV) and visiting tech firms, including Twitter, Facebook and Google, to spread the word that what they are doing is not as new as they might think. To be fair, Dick Costolo of Twitter, who I saw while at Twitter HQ, has compared Twitter with the agora or marketplace of ancient Greek city-states, so he’s been thinking along similar lines. So far the book has been reviewed by publications including the Guardian, Wall Street JournalIndependentFinancial Times and Literary Review. Having started work on this book in late 2010, I’m thrilled that it’s finally available on bookshelves, both physical and digital, and that people seem to be enjoying it — and agreeing with my contention that, as the Wall Street Journal puts it, “what we tend to regard as the radiant novelty of the digital age may really be a rebirth”.

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